Because we work with fresh, often seasonal produce, there is no set menu. But there are always dishes that pass throughout the year and, of course, we take into account desires, diets and children.
You pay €30 (€15 for children) for a 3-course meal. Drinks are separate and sometimes we ask that you keep track of this yourself. The bill will be mailed (or sent).

Pizza Sockeye salmon…….!

Ingredients. We use fresh, organic produce from the region whenever possible.
So we make our own tomato sauce from delicious tomatoes from Gemüseland Vulkaneifel , we use organic buffalo mozzarella from Paolella , an artisanal Italian family with a sustainable buffalo farm in Brandenburg and we source meat products from Eifelmetzgerei Karst from Uersfeld.
Also, the herbs, salad, vegetables, sauces and fruits we use never come from a jar!

Possible appetizers:
– Italian salad with parmesan, freshly roasted nuts and “hausgemachte” tarragon, truffle or mustard dressing
– Oriental salad with mango and sesame dressing
– Pumpkin soup, Red beet soup, Gazpacho, Asparagus soup, Mushroom soup, Kale soup,
– French bread with Mediterranean appetizers such as tzatziki, pesto, humous or haydiri

Possible pizzas. Always with “hausgemachte tomato sauce” (from great tomatoes from Mehren: Gemüseland Vulkaneifel ) , organic buffalo mozzarella (from Germany, from Paolella ), fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits:
– Margeritha, with lots of basil….
– Potato with garlic and rosemary
– Salami from Eifelmetzgerei Karst from Uersfeld!
– Cauliflower with sage butter
– Eggplant with oregano
– Sockeye salmon with dill
– Pear and gorgonzola
– Sauerkraut, onion and sausages (can be vegetarian!) and mustard sauce
– Gorgonzola with fresh pepper and ruccola
– Pecorino and onion
– Fresh mackerel with olives and Parmesan cheese
– Spinach with egg and truffle cream
– Fresh tuna
– Figs with goat cheese
– Asparagus with sockeye salmon
– Prosciutto (also from Karst!) with oregano

Possible desserts:
– Creme Brûlée
– Tiramisu with coffee and drink, or with fresh tangerine juice (for kids?)
– Apple pizza with cinnamon and sugar
– Tarte Tatin (au poire, de Caroline?).
– “Hausgemacht” ice cream
– A packaged factory ice cream…… tasty too!