There is a beautiful former ballroom on the property. This has a floor area of 200m², a high ceiling and it had a classic stage. From its construction in 1948, the entire area has danced, partied, kissed and celebrated Carnival here. It can look back on countless weddings, family reunions, discos and funeral services.
But time has cut its teeth on it and the building has not weathered this well.
We are in the process of refurbishing! The ceiling was removed, so the room is now, under the roof structure, 8 meters high which gives wonderful acoustics.
The rotten floor has been removed so we can now start building!
We bought a shovel to fit through the door to haul in 300 tons of recycled concrete split. Then there will be another wood floor and a large wood stove to make it pleasant to heat.
So there will come a day when we can make you happy with this wonderful space for choir rehearsals, theater companies, yoga groups, management training and group retreats…….